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Sell Video Games and Get Cash Fast

Are those old video games or consoles that you don’t play anymore taking up too much space in your living room? Are they still in good condition, and could they provide fun and entertainment for someone else? Do you want to receive the highest dollar amount for them? If so, bring your video games and consoles into Peninsula Pawn for a fair, honest valuation and receive the most value from our video game pawn shop serving the greater Delmarva area. Since 2006, we’ve helped our customers with fairness, friendliness, and reliability. We always thoroughly assess the items customers bring in and ensure they get the most out of their sales. Sellers and buyers are treated to a wide selection of quality products and options that they are guaranteed to love. Bring your video games or consoles to our trusted pawnbroker today to get the most out of your sale.

Video Game Pawn Shop in Greater Delmarva Area

What Consoles Do You Buy?

We consider many factors when deciding whether to buy your system or how much we will pay you for it. Your console’s age and lifespan are crucial to determining a fair price. The newer the console, the higher we pay because it will last whoever buys it longer. If a console is older or nearing the end of its life, we will pay out lower, or we may not accept it at all. We prefer fully intact consoles as well. If your console is missing components or parts, especially essential ones, then we may turn it away or pay lower. Older consoles usually pay lower, but if yours is in good condition, you may still receive the most value for it. We recommend asking yourself if you would buy the console you intend to sell as is. If your answer is yes, we encourage you to bring it in for a valuation. If you want to know where to sell video games and consoles, look no further than Peninsula Pawn. We buy and appraise the following consoles:

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Wii
  • Nintendo
  • Atari
  • Sega
  • Gameboy

How to Sell Used Video Games and Consoles

At Peninsula Pawn, we want to ensure that buyers and sellers get the most value from our products. When you bring your used video games or consoles into our shop for a valuation, we thoroughly evaluate their condition to see if they are fit for your payout and resale. Our goal is to give sellers the highest payout possible and ensure the customer who buys your used video game or console gets the most quality. We recommend doing the following to ensure a successful buy for your console or video game:

  • Keep It Clean: Safely wipe down and sanitize the entire system or video game and eliminate all debris and dust. Making your console or video game look appealing and presentable is essential.
  • Prepare the Cords and Cables: Bring every cord, cable, and controller with you and present them to us. We are more likely to buy and pay out high if your console has these components.
  • Clear Your Data and Information: Erase any personal data saved on your console’s storage. Doing so protects your information and readies the console for the next buyer.
  • Provide A Game for Testing: We want to test your console first before buying. Bringing a game with you will boost your credibility and make the selling process move faster.

Receive A Valuation for Your Video Game of Console

We take pride in assessing our customers’ items and doing everything we can to give them the most value for them. We know that you have a great used video game or console just waiting for the next person who owns it to enjoy it. During your item valuation, we will provide a complete evaluation to ensure that your console or video game is fit to sell and play. We check video games for scratches and other dysfunctions. Our pawnbroker will test your console by giving it a play to ensure it operates properly. If we determine that your console or video game is suitable to be played by another customer, we will gladly take it off your hands and give you the highest payout possible. Contact our friendly staff at Peninsula Pawn to know more.