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Jewelry Experts Helping Our Community

If you find yourself short on cash but have jewelry and other valuable items, Peninsula Pawn has a solution. You can pawn your silver, gold, and gems to us. Everyone has times in their lives when they need cash. You might have an overdue bill, or your car got a flat tire and needs replacement. Whatever your reason might be to pawn your possessions, our expert team can determine their value and give you the best offer in town. You can bring your jewelry to our Seaford, Delmar, Millsboro, DE, and Cambridge, MD locations to speak with our staff about evaluating it and let us offer you the best deal in town.

Jewelry Pawn Shop in the Greater Delmarva Area

Offering You the Most Value for Your Silver, Gold & Platinum Jewelry Loans

Peninsula Pawn is unlike other pawn shops when it comes to looking over jewelry you wish to pawn. Many other pawnbrokers will only consider a piece’s weight and material. At our locations, we consider other important factors, such as the craftsmanship that went into a bracelet, necklace, or timepiece. We know how to appreciate jewelry’s overall worth and what makes it special and gives it resale value. If you have heirlooms and antiques that have stood the test of time, our pawnshops may pay a higher price for these items. We take pride in always offering our customers good deals on their jewelry, including fair treatment and honest prices.

Brokering Deals on Silver & Gold Jewelry

Our pawn shops are a great place to make quick money from your valuable possessions, but you can also visit us to shop for new additions to your collection. Each of Peninsula Pawn’s locations has an extensive inventory of items like musical instruments, tools, hunting gear, and beautiful jewelry. You can find a new wristwatch to go with your work clothes or buy a gold necklace for a birthday or anniversary. We welcome all customers to peruse our selection and consider gold and silver jewelry to complement their aesthetic style and budget.

Serving Customers in Delaware & Maryland

We are a community-focused business with a commitment to helping residents with their financial and shopping needs. Our honest prices and stellar customer service ensure you have a positive pawning or purchasing experience. Contact us today to learn more about pawn services

Find a Great Deal for Your Unused Items