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Get a Short-Term Loan Today

Collateral loans, or pawn loans, are an easy and convenient way for anyone to get fast cash in an emergency. Regardless of your credit score or financial history, you can get financial help with a collateral loan. All you need is an item of value to trade in, which you’ll get back once you can safely pay the loan back in full.

Getting loans with collateral in the Greater Delmar Area has never been easier than with us here at Peninsula Pawn. Accepting a wide range of merchandise, we offer excellent rates on your valuables with unparalleled interest rates and a friendly team passionate about helping you easily survive your financial troubles.

Collateral Loan in the Greater Delmar Area

What Is a Collateral Loan?

Personal loans with collateral refer to the exchange of temporary monetary assistance in exchange for merchandise of value. To get a collateral loan, all you need to do is swap out a personal item of quality for cash. When you’re able to pay back the loan within the set timeframe of the contract, you’ll get back your treasured possession.

Secure Loans Based on Collateral With Us

We make it simple for you to secure a pawn loan because we accept a wide variety of items thanks to our spacious storage units that will safely hold your valuables until you are ready to get them back. You can trade anything from memorabilia, ammunition, or instruments to electronics and even vehicles with us. As long as it’s in good condition, we’ll offer you cold hard cash upfront with minimal fees and realistic deadlines.

Our process is quick and straightforward. When you visit one of our four locations, our expert team will assess your item’s worth and offer you a fair and decent amount of money. We’ll then review our guidelines, including our small storage fee and reasonable interest rates, before providing you with a document to sign to officiate the transaction. Finally, we’ll safely store your item and leave you walking out with cash in your pocket.

If an emergency pops up and you can’t pay your collateral loan back in time, your credit won’t be negatively affected but the pawn shop will sell your valuables. At Peninsula Pawn, however, we go above and beyond to meet your needs and can extend your deadline if necessary. We’ll review the details with you when you stop by our store.

Get the Money You Need

Collateral loans are the fastest and easiest way to get the cash you need. With a pawn loan, you don’t need to worry about filling out extensive paperwork or waiting to get approved as you would with a standard bank loan. Likewise, having a decent credit score is unnecessary, as typical loan companies would demand before giving you money. All that is required for collateral in loans is your valuables and a valid driver’s license.

Call Our Friendly & Professional Staff

At Peninsula Pawn, we’re friendly neighbors happy to help you with a lending hand in your time of need. We feature four stores across the Greater Delmar Area- specifically in Delmar, Seaford, Cambridge, and Millsboro, all with professional staff members who go the extra mile to provide unmatched client-centric services for a seamless experience on your end. Contact us to learn more about our collateral loans and how they can help you.

Find a Great Deal for Your Unused Items