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Accepting Coins, Bullion, & Paper Money

You might have inherited a valuable coin or currency collection, or you could be holding onto a global collection of antique treasury notes. We understand the underlying value your coins, bullion, and paper money have and will offer top dollar!

Pawn Coins in Greater Delmarva Area

Information About Pawning These Items

Peninsula Pawn’s well-trained team can sort through your collection of coins, bullion, and paper money to determine whether pieces have resale value. You might not know much about pawning these items, but we have ample experience with all types of currencies. Series 1976 two-dollar bills with President Jefferson and one-ounce Canadian palladium maple leaf coins are just a couple of examples of valuable pieces. Our staff will gladly give you straightforward service and offers on all the following options:

Valuable Coins

Coins from international destinations and domestic options can all have more value than what is stamped in the metal. Whether the monetary value of the material or the history behind a coin enhances its worth, our expert team can access it and make an offer based off its assessment.


This option is defined as bulk metal before it is used for coins, such as silver and gold. Its weight and market value are determining factors when we broker a deal for your bullion, and you can always count on us to make fair offers at honest prices.

Paper Money

Some money printed in the past, either recently or a long time ago, can have significant value due to circumstances surrounding it. A rare misprinted bill or paper notes from a notable era in history can mean a sizable payout when you come to us.

Trustworthy Service at Peninsula Pawn

Peninsula Pawn’s commitment to the surrounding communities includes ensuring they always get fair treatment in a judgment-free environment when they pawn or buy items. Our inventory of coins and paper money might include your next collectible showpiece, and we will gladly give you an honest assessment on anything you bring to pawn. Contact us today to learn more about our pawn services.

Find a Great Deal for Your Unused Items