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Give Your Business the Financial Boost It Needs to Succeed

Businesses need financial capital to kick off and expand, and sometimes the funds you currently have simply aren’t enough. Luckily, business loans exist to give small businesses the extra boost necessary to thrive. Thanks to pawn shops like Peninsula Pawn, getting quick cash for your company has never been easier. We feature four well-stocked locations across the Greater Delmar Area to give the community the financial help it needs, including for businesses. With a business start up loan, you can effectively get your company off the ground and running or out of deep waters.

Business Start Up Loans in the Greater Delmar Area

It Takes Money to Make Money

How do business loans work? At Peninsula Pawn, we offer business loans much like personal ones. We provide fair loans with reasonable interest rates through the exchange of collateral, which we will return to you once you’re ready to repay the loan in full. We accept all kinds of treasured items, from jewelry and electronics to guns, vehicles, and memorabilia. As long as your valuables are in good condition, we’ll offer a competitive price. Once your business is profiting, we’ll return it to you untouched.

Getting a loan for your company doesn’t mean you’ve failed financially. Business startup loans are necessary to make the proper investments to have your company flourish. Because we accept high-value items and have the funds to lend good value for them, we can help your business make a profit through bountiful loan options.

Getting a Small Business Loan Should Be Easy

We pride ourselves on featuring next-level customer-oriented services that go above other pawn shops and business lenders. We accept all kinds of valuables. All you need to do is bring them in for our staff to assess their worth. Then, we’ll temporarily exchange your personal item for the money you need to borrow until your business turns a profit and you can afford to pay it back with a small interest rate.

Standard loan companies typically demand a certain credit score in order for businesses to receive low-interest loans. We know, however, that if you’re just starting to launch your startup, the credit to get a fairly priced loan doesn’t exist yet. That’s why we don’t require anything besides a personal item that’s in good condition for us to help you out with the funds your business needs to grow and succeed.

At Peninsula Pawn, we’re incredibly thankful to our troops and veterans for the remarkable services they provide to our country, which is why we offer veterans business loans to support our veterans as best we can.

Contact Peninsula Pawn & Make Us Your Small Business Lender

At Peninsula Pawn, we proudly offer the Greater Delmar Area outstanding loan services, including small business loans. With locations in Delmar, Seaford, Cambridge, and Millsboro, we conveniently assist the community in staying financially afloat through exceptional interest rates and outstanding customer service. Our friendly and professional team is happy to help you in any way we can, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Find a Great Deal for Your Unused Items