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Bring Your Vehicle to Peninsula Pawn

If you’re in a bind and need some extra cash, you may be wondering if your car is worth selling. However, with Peninsula Pawn, you don’t have to sell your car in order to get the money you need. As the leading car pawn shop in the Greater Delmarva Area, we offer great rates for vehicles. We can offer both auto pawns and title pawns.

Auto Pawn in the Greater Delmarva Area

What Are Auto Pawns?

Auto pawns are a form of pawn in which the customer puts up their vehicle as collateral. When you take out an auto pawn, you bring your vehicle to the shop and receive a cash loan in return. The amount you get can depend on your car’s condition, make and model. In order to pawn your car, you must have a valid driver’s license and the title to the car you wish to pawn. You may also be asked for proof of income or residence. However, there is no credit check required, so you can get the money you need even if you do not have good credit. It should be noted that your car will be stored by the pawn shop for the duration of the loan; you cannot drive it while it is being pawned.

Title Pawns vs. Auto Pawns

Many auto pawns require the pawn shop to keep your vehicle until you pay the loan back. With a title pawn, the shop keeps the title, but you can still keep your car. However, if the amount of money is not paid back on time or within the grace period, your car can be repossessed. When inquiring about an auto pawn, it is important to check with us for the specifics of the arrangement.

We Buy and Loan Money on Your Vehicle

At Peninsula Pawn, we make sure our customers get the best deal possible. You have the option of pawning your vehicle in order to receive a loan, or you can sell your vehicle upfront. We have experience appraising all types of vehicles. You’ll never get a lowball offer from Peninsula Pawn – we understand a vehicle’s value and our offer will reflect a fair and honest price.

We Pawn, Buy, and Sell Everything!

In addition to pawning and buying cars, Peninsula Pawn also offers a wide variety of pawn services. We are the leading pawn shop for electronics and jewelry pawns in the area. We buy gold and silver coins, diamond jewelry, iPhones, MacBooks, flat screen TVs, gaming consoles – you name it! We even accept guns, ammunition, and hunting equipment.

Learn More About Auto Pawns and Title Pawns Today

Peninsula Pawn is the go-to shop for auto pawns, title pawns, and other pawn services in the Greater Delmarva Area. We offer competitive rates and great customer service, giving you a stress-free experience. You don’t always have to sell your vehicle to make some extra cash – try pawning with Peninsula Pawn. Contact us today to learn more about our pawn services.

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