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Get Cash for Your Electronics

Televisions, stereos, and computers all have financial value, from vintage sound systems and record players to the industry’s most cutting-edge laptops. These items present a lucrative opportunity to collect cash when you need it by pawning them at any of Peninsula Pawn’s locations. You might need money to pay off a debt, fund repairs on your car or home, or purchase new electronics to replace your outdated models. Our staff works with customers to broker a deal they can accept because we care about the communities we serve and want to help them with their financial concerns.

Electronics Pawn Shop in the Greater Delmarva Area

We Lend the Most & Sell Quality Items

Almost everyone has money issues at some point in their lives. You might need extra cash to support your household or cover a sudden expense. Peninsula Pawn welcomes customers at all our locations with electronics and other items to pawn. Our team takes many factors into account when determining a fair offer, including the item’s age, condition, special features, and initial value. All these elements play into your electronics’ resale value, and we make sure you get a sizable share of what we will get from reselling them. Our pawn shops also sell a wide selection of products at friendly prices, ensuring you always have access to phones, computers, and other valuable items in good condition.

Pawn Computers, Sound Systems, Televisions, & More

We don’t limit our electronics to a small window of products. Your items might be brand-new or a few decades old, and if they still work, we will consider them. Our inventory may include a wide array of electronics, such as vintage sound systems, 4K televisions, and laptops with a few years on them. Our team verifies that each item is in good working condition before making an offer or selling it at any of our locations. You can find any of the following items at our pawn shops or bring them in to pawn:

  • Stereos
  • Record Players
  • Smart Phones
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops

Peninsula Pawn Treats You Fairly

Peninsula Pawn is ready to help you make extra cash by pawning your electronics at one of our pawn shops. We take pride in always providing service with fair treatment and honest prices. Contact us today to learn more about pawn services

Find a Great Deal for Your Unused Items