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Make Money From Your Tools at Peninsula Pawn

Peninsula Pawn is well-aware of how expensive life can be and how urgently you might need money at a moment’s notice. Falling behind on bills or getting surprised by a sudden expense can stretch your finances. The good news is our pawn shops are ready to help you make money by pawning your possessions, including tools of all types. If you are a do-it-yourselfer with home repairs or enjoy fixing up cars, you know how valuable your power and hand tools can be. We offer fair treatment and honest prices on all items you bring in, and we broker deals reflecting your tools’ worth and what we can get by reselling them. We offer top dollar for trade-in or purchase of your new and used tools. Our pawn shop is the perfect place to pawn tools in Cambridge, MD, Seaford, Millsboro, and Delmar, DE.

Pawn Hunting Goods in the Greater Delmarva Area

Buy or Sell Your Power & Hand Tools

Whatever your collection of tools includes, we are interested in taking them off your hands with fair compensation. Your hand-me-down socket wrench set and wood carving kit are worth money and they continue to be useful in the hands of other professional and leisurely craftspeople. Peninsula Pawn takes all aspects of your tools into account when determining their value, including their condition, age, and resale value. From our assessment, we give you top dollar to put money in your pocket and make room in your toolbox. While you’re at one of our pawnshops, peruse the many tools and other items we have for sale. You might find a perfect addition to your workbench.

We Accept a Wide Variety of Items

Your outdated and unused tools could be worth money, and newer power tools and precision tools can help you pay off bills or provide funds to update your collection. Our pawn shops accept a wide variety of tools, new and old because they could be exactly what another handy person is looking for to add to their belt. Bring your simple hammers and screwdrivers along with high-tech tools to our trained professionals to get top dollar. Antiques and vintage tools could have hidden value to collectors and passionate professionals. Some examples of what you can pawn include the following:

  • Hammers
  • Wrenches
  • Table Saws
  • Woodworking Tools
  • Hand and Power Drills
  • Nail Guns
  • Air Compressors
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Measuring Tools
  • Hand and Power Tools of All Types

We Have Four Covenant Locations to Best Serve You

Whether you’re interested in pawning your old tools or buying new pieces, Peninsula Pawn has the inventory and expertise for both options. Let our staff give you a fair offer for your items. Contact us today for more information.

Find a Great Deal for Your Unused Items