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Get a Payday Cash Advance with Peninsula Pawn

Are you currently in a tough financial situation? Cash loans are the perfect solution if you need quick funds to pay off debt or stay afloat for the short or long term. Whether you’re looking to pawn intact jewelry, collectible items, electronics, or more, you can turn to us here at Peninsula Pawn.

Peninsula Pawn makes it easy to receive a cash loan in the Greater Delmar area. Voted the Best Pawn Shop locally for three years in a row, you can guarantee an exceptional experience and quality customer service when choosing us as your cash loan lender. With us, you can get quick cash loans at a reasonable interest rate to pay off your debt or maintain your quality of lifestyle until your next paycheck rolls around.

What Is a Cash Loan?

Quick Cash Loans in the Greater Delmar Area

Cash central loans, or pawns, are an ideal solution to receiving fast cash in emergencies. With a cash loan, you can bring nearly any personal item that holds value into one of our brick-and-mortar shops across the Greater Delmar Area. We’ll, in turn, assess its worth and offer you a competitive sum of money in exchange.

Pawns, or cash loans, aren’t the same as selling your valuables, though. When you opt for a cash loan with us, we’ll place your item in storage until you’re ready to repay your loan, along with its minimal interest rate. We will then give you back your belongings in the same condition in which we received them.

Cash loans are an outstanding option to get money for various reasons. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter what credit score you have. Unlike standard loans, pawns disregard your past financial history and focus only on the quality of the item you’re placing as collateral. The interest rate is also competitive when compared to traditional personal loans.

How Do Cash Loans Work?

We make cash loans easy and quick here at Peninsula Pawn. Our process is simple; you bring in your item of value, and we’ll write you a ticket and offer you a lump sum of cash in exchange. When receiving a cash loan for pawns, you can expect three different forms of fees that accompany the procedure:

  • Writing Fees – A small writing fee will be issued per item you pawn with us.
  • Principal and Interest – The principal is the original amount we lend you, which should be returned in full in exchange for your valuables. Meanwhile, the interest is the percentage of fees accumulated over time since you took out the loan. At Peninsula Pawn, we always offer fair interest rates for our community’s people.
  • Storage Fees – When it comes to pawn shops, space matters. There’s only so much storage space we have to hold the pawned items of our clients, so putting a small price tag on the treasured real estate is essential to our business. The smaller the valuables, the lower the storage fee.

Contact Peninsula Pawn to Apply For a Cash Loan

Whether you need to buy new things, pawn your old items, or take out a loan, Peninsula Pawn can help. We feature four Greater Delmar locations, specifically Seaford, Cambridge, Millsboro, and Delmar. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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