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Pawn Shop in the Greater Delmarva Area

Broker A Deal On Electronics, Jewelry, & More

Peninsula Pawn offers a wide range of comprehensive pawn services throughout the Greater Delmarva Area. With four convenient locations, we can best serve our broad reach of customers. We have pawn shops in Seaford, Delmar, and Millsboro, DE. If you have valuables that you would like to convert to cash, you’ve come to the right place. We offer great deals for your electronics, jewelry, firearms, power tools, musical instruments, and more. Our experts will provide you with top dollar for your merchandise. Call or visit your trusted local pawnbroker today!

Our Comprehensive Pawn Shop Services

At Peninsula Pawn, we offer a wide range of comprehensive pawn services. Customers can find everything from hunting equipment to authentic jewelry at our local pawn shops. Below, we’ve gone into detail about what customers can expect to find at our local pawn shops:

  • Hunting – Pawning your valued items can help you pay your bills or invest in new equipment. Our pawnshops accept a broad range of hunting goods, and we give you top dollar for trade-ins. If you have rifles or shotguns, let us take a look to put together a great deal.
  • Jewelry – Peninsula Pawn has a solution if you find yourself short on cash but have jewelry and other valuable items. You can pawn your silver, gold, and gems to us. Our expert team can determine their value and give you the best offer in town.
  • Tools – Falling behind on bills or getting surprised by a sudden expense can stretch your finances. The good news is our pawn shops are ready to help you make money by pawning your possessions, including tools of all types.
  • Electronics – Televisions, stereos, and computers all have financial value, from vintage sound systems and record players to the industry’s most cutting-edge laptops. These items present a lucrative opportunity to collect cash when you need it by pawning them at any of our locations.
  • Music – Your instruments and music equipment could be brand-new or have decades of history in a garage or sound room. Our concern is giving them a new home, as long as they are in good working condition. When determining a price, we consider various aspects of music items, including their condition, brand, and market value.
  • Coins, Bullion, & Paper Money – You might have inherited a valuable coin or currency collection, or you could be holding onto a global collection of antique treasury notes. We understand your coins, bullion, and paper money’s underlying value and will offer top dollar for it.
Peninsula Pawn Shop

We’ll Help You Get A Pawn Loan Today!

When you face crushing bills, an unexpected expense, or another financial situation, you might need quick cash to keep your head above water. Our fair loans supply you with the funds you need at a reasonable interest rate, so you can pay off your debts or get items you need for your daily life. If you have electronics, jewelry, tools, garden equipment, or collectible currency to pawn, our team will assess its value and give you a fair offer. We also sell all these items at reasonable prices, enabling our valued customers to find a good deal, buy the thing they want, and walk out with a new treasured possession.

Pawn Volleyball Collectibles in Greater Delmarva Area

Why Choose Peninsula Pawn?

Not only do we have four locations throughout the Greater Delmarva Area to best serve our valued customers, but each of our locations is unique and offers a full-scale inventory of electronics, tools, lawn, musical equipment, and more. Additionally, our Seaford location has a large inventory of firearms and ammunition. Our customers can visit each of our locations to find the treasure they’re looking for, and our employees will treat them just like family.

Contact Peninsula Pawn Today

Peninsula Pawn has you covered when you want to buy new items, pawn old ones, or take out a loan to pay your expenses. We proudly support our surrounding communities with top-quality customer service and honest prices on all merchandise. With great deals at all four of our locations, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for! We have locations throughout the Greater Delmarva Area and look forward to serving you. Check out our FAQ page and our gallery to learn more about the items we buy and sell. Contact us today to learn more or inquire about the pawning process.



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